Useful info for people coming from Ukraine


Police SR158
Ambulance service155
Fire brigade150
Emergency phone number112
Embassy of the Republic of Ukraine
Radvanská 35, 81101, Bratislava
+421 2 592 028 10
Hotlines of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic for Ukrainian-speaking persons+421 513 816 111
+421 259 765 111


Temporary refuge is provided for the purpose of protecting foreigners from war, the consequences
of a humanitarian catastrophe or a systematic or mass violation of human rights in the country of origin. By decision, the Government of the Slovak Republic determined the beginning of March 1, 2022 for the provision of temporary refuge for people from Ukraine.

Asylum is a form of international protection that is granted to a person because he or she has a well-founded fear of persecution on racial, national or religious grounds, because of certain political opinions or membership of a particular social group, and cannot or does not want to return because of those concerns. to the country of origin.

Complementary protection is a form of international protection granted to those asylum seekers
who do not qualify for asylum, but there are serious grounds for believing that they would be exposed to a real threat of serious injustice if they return to their country of origin and therefore they cannot return.

Applying for asylum:

Yes. However, with the influx of large numbers of people fleeing the war, the status of temporary refuge is more appropriate for the citizens of Ukraine. At present, the asylum procedure for a large number of foreigners would take a very long time. You can apply for asylum when entering the territory of the Slovak Republic at the police department at the border crossing point or later after entering the Slovak Republic at the police department established at the asylum facility (Humenné Detention Camp).


For a period of 90 days, if you have a valid biometric passport, you can stay legally in the territory of the Slovak Republic. In order to stay legally in the territory of the Slovak Republic during this period, you will have to decide whether to apply for any of the forms of legal residence (eg temporary residence for the purpose of family reunification) under the Aliens Residence Act or for temporary asylum or asylum.

If you apply for asylum or temporary refuge in the territory of the Slovak Republic, you will be provided with accommodation, food and urgent medical care in one of the accommodation camps until a decision is made on your application. In case of a positive decision, a cooperating non-governmental organization will help you find accommodation. You will not pay for your stay during the asylum procedure, nor will you pay in the case of temporary refuge in the territory of the Slovak Republic.

On the website, Ukrainians coming to Slovakia will find a complete offer of state, private and hotel accommodation with contacts and the number of available beds available. The site also works in Ukrainian and the new portal can also be accessed from

Volunteers in their houses and flats can also offer accommodation on the site. Owners of hotels and boarding houses who are willing to help can contact the Slovak Tourism Association. The database will be continuously updated and supplemented.

At the same time, the Ministry of Transport calls on all those who have friends and acquaintances in Ukraine to spread this information among them. Currently, work is underway to ensure that the link to the website is received by incoming people in a welcome SMS message.

Source: MDV SR, 27.2.2022

Several organisations providing free transport from border crossings. If you decide to use private transport, be careful and check the transport provider, for example, ask for his / her identity card, take a photo of his / her license plate or otherwise record who you are getting in the car with. For your safety, never get in a car with strangers if you are alone. Also, check in advance whether you will pay for transport and in what amount. Your safety comes first.

Social security

Assistance in material need serves as financial help for those who are unable to secure basic living conditions and are unable to increase their income through their own efforts. At present, persons fleeing the war in Ukraine can also be considered as such persons. The amount of assistance depends on the number of household members and their situation.

Assistance in material need can also be provided to foreigners who prove their identity with a document of residence in the Slovak Republic marked „refugee“ or a foreigner’s card of temporary refuge.

Assistance in material need can be requested from the Red Cross or UNHCR, where refugees from Ukraine will be provided with the necessary help.

Red Cross offices where you can apply for assistance:

Bratislava – mesto
Liptovský Mikuláš
Košice – mesto
Košice – okolie

You can read more information on assistance through UNHCR.


+421 2 21 02 50 75 (daily from  7.00 do 19.00)

Health care will be provided to citizens affected by the war in Ukraine on the basis of their status:

  • If Slovakia is a transit country, you must pay in full for all health care provided.
  • If you obtain temporary refuge status, you will be entitled to urgent medical care.
  • If you are a temporary refuge or an asylum seeker you are entitled to urgent and necessary medical care. This also means the kind of health care that will be recommended by your doctor. Available is an emergency service in the relevant region or city, or a central hospital reception. It is necessary to provide documents about started process for temporary refuge, asylum or a residence in the territory of the Slovak Republic.

DENTISTS – Helping Ukraine – Free emergency health care
The Slovak Chamber of Dentists expresses its full support and sincere solidarity with the Ukrainian people, colleagues and health professionals in Ukraine. At the same time, it joins in the calls of all those responsible for an immediate end to the attacks on Ukraine.

Nezábudka line 

Linka dôvery Nezábudka – 0800 800 566 (

Nezábudka line offers help if you or someone close to you in a psychologically demanding life situation, if you are experiencing a crisis and the pressure becomes mentally intolerable for you. A team of professionals with many years of experience is here for you 24 hours a day in Slovak on the phone number 0800 800 566 or in Ukrainian daily from 13:00 to 21:00 on the phone number 0800 222 450.

Krízová linka pomoci

Linka, na ktorej sú k dispozícii psychológovia hovoriaci ukrajinským jazykom, je bezplatná, anonymná a funguje každý deň od 8.00 do 20.00.
Psychologická pomoc je k dispozícii aj priamo na hraničných prechodoch ukrajinsko-slovenskej hranice.
V ukrajinskom jazyku na čísle 0800 500 888 a tiež na e-mailovej adrese

Summary of help for people with disabilities can be found here:
Families of children with disabilities platform (

For citizens of Ukraine with the status of temporary shelter and for those transiting (only passing through the Slovak Republic):

  • prescription and indication restrictions do not apply. In addition to the specialist physicians, the medication can also be prescribed by a general practitioner and will be accepted by pharmacies,

  • medicine, medical devices and dietetic food will be dispensed to the person in temporary refuge with no extra charge

If you are tested positive for COVID-19, you will receive all necessary check-ups and care. If you are not insured by the public health insurance, the payment will be made from the state budget.

If you are looking for or need to contact your family members in Ukraine or other countries, please approach closest Red Cross branch in the place of your accommodation.

After you are provided with a temporary refuge in the Slovak Republic, you are allowed to work in the Slovak Republic and do not need a work permit. You can contact a migration office or NGO to help you find a job.

If you are applying for asylum, you can work for up to 9 months after applying. If the application is approved, you have access to the labor market as a citizen of Slovakia.

Link: Job offers with Ukrainian language[]=84__5_


Children of Ukrainian citizens who have come to Slovakia as a result of the conflict and have applied for temporary refuge or asylum are entitled to free education in Slovakia. This applies to kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.

The procedure for enrolling a child in school or kindergarten: 

You can go to the kindergarten or primary school of your choice with a document confirming the granting of temporary refuge (or confirming that temporary refuge or asylum procedures have been initiated) and ask for your child to be enrolled in classes.  Your child will be placed in the appropriate grade according to his/her age, level of education and ability to speak Slovak language.

Before starting kindergarten or school, the child must be examined by a pediatrician and a medical certificate must be presented to the head of the kindergarten/school. You can contact a pediatrician according to the recommendation of acquaintances, according to the city district where you live or where the kindergarten is located.

24/7 support in Ukrainian phone : +421 910 944 825, +421 950 511 776, +421 951 141 060, +421 951 300 053, +421 951 453 061

Web: Information from the Ministry of Education, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic

Ukrainian citizens can now learn the Slovak language free of charge with the LangBee language app. LangBee ( is a web app for learning foreign languages, created ​​by a Slovak author and used by thousands.

Language courses in LangBee include vocabulary, phrases, grammar and pronunciation practice. The user learns the vocabulary in the app using 8 different practice methods, and the artificial intelligence in the app tailors the learning to the individual needs of each user. It makes the learner practice any words they most often make mistakes with. Learning with LangBee is effective and suitable for all age groups – from school children to retirees. Using the app is easy and you can learn the language anytime and anywhere.

How to use it

The LangBee application does not need to be installed, as it works online on any device – mobile phone, tablet or computer. In the language menu at, Ukrainians should choose the Ukrainian language and the user interface will appear in their native language. After registering with their email, they can choose from the Slovak language courses for Ukrainians offered in the online shop. These courses are, and will always be, free of charge, and more courses will follow up on the current courses available for beginners.

Education is a common part of our children’s lives. Children who came to Slovakia lost contact with the school, teachers, classmates. Therefore, SOFICREO, with its partners Studio Echt and Tuochit4IT, decided to create the portal The education of children takes place through the Teemea platforms. It is intended for school-age children, their parents and Ukrainian teachers who have come to our territory. The goal is for every Ukrainian compulsory school child to have an online teacher who speaks Ukrainian and classmates with whom he or she will not feel alone.

Some Slovak banks have decided to lend a helping hand to the citizens of Ukraine who come to Slovakia.

More at: Tatra banka and Slovenská sporiteľňa

Citizens of Ukraine have the opportunity to obtain free SIM cards with credit and data for one month.

  • In marked O2 workplaces near the border and in any O2 store, citizens from Ukraine will receive free SIM cards with a credit of 5 € and free 15 GB of data per month
  • only an Ukrainian passport or ID card is necessary 
  • All O2 customers can call and send SMS to the networks of Ukrainian cariers at prices as if they were calling or writing to Slovak phone number

  • In marked Orange stations at the border crossings Ubľa, Veľké Slemence Vyšné Nemecké, at the main railway station in Bratislava and in selected stores people from Ukraine will receive free Orange SIM cards with a credit of 2 € and 10 GB of data per month free
  • Only Ukrainian passport or ID card or residence permit (i.e. also applies to non-Ukrainians) and age of 15 years or older is needed

  • Slovak Telekom has been providing free SIM cards at the Ubľa and Veľké Slemence border crossings since 27 February 2022 and in the Humenné refugee camp, as well as support in Ukrainian on the Prepaid – Ukraine – Telekom line and charged power banks. Same offer is valid in every Store / T-Center in Slovakia
  • All customers of Telekom can make calls and send SMS to the networks of Ukrainian carriers free of charge until further notice
  • Telekom customers located in Ukraine can call to Slovakia free of charge, receive calls from Slovakia free of charge and send SMS free of charge until further notice (mobile internet data is charged)

Information for Ukrainians entering Slovak republic (

Homepage – English – Z Ukrajiny na Slovensko (

The #KtoPomozeUkrajine initiative offers data and information if you need help or want to provide it.

Watch out for human traffickers! They can take advantage of your current difficult situation.

If you are in danger of life and health, call 112 or 158.

What to do if you become a victim:

  • run away where there are many people – to a public and at the same time official place, eg: police, hospital, library, post office, church or some office;
  • ask for help from the institution in particular, not a private person;
  • Try contacting your country’s embassy or organizations that help victims of trafficking.
  • International Organization for Migration