Modernisation of emergency housing


„Supported by a grant from Norway“

„Co-financed by the state budget of the Slovak Republic“

The title of a project: Modernisation of emergency housing for the victim of domestic violence

The final recipient of the grant: Slovak Red Cross , M. R. Štefánika 1161/184, 075 01 Trebišov

The amount of the project grant: 243 865,00 EUR

The beginning of the project implementation: 9/2015

Estimated completion date of a project: 4/2017

"A home must be a safe place for everybody"



1. Košický samosprávny kraj
2. Regionálny úrad verejného zdravotníctva
3. Centrum pedagogicko-psychologického poradenstva a prevencie Trebišov



The main aim is to take care of abused women and their children and to protect their dignity and to respect their rights. The violence cannot be tolerated. The one that causes violence is the one held responsible. One of out of every five women is abused. Often the victims of violence are misunderstood, they lose friends and acquaintances, Also they meet with understatement of their serious problem even from the Police. Child carries his trauma throughout his life and that results in truancy, use of drugs and aggressive behavioural the kids are the same and they all deserve  to be loved and taken care of. This facility offers targeted group of people that happened to be in critical situation and gives them time to think about next step without the compulsion.


Objective and expectations:

Strengthening the capacity and quality of the service in the field of prevention and care for the victim of domestic violence. The aim of our project is to break the silence. The goal is to modernize and increase the capacity of the facility and with that related services to clients. Also to raise awareness of this issue particularly among young people. This reconstruction and modernisation of emergency housing MAJAK with all the amenities. It will provide therapeutic and recreational activities for the clients of the facility. It includes workshops for elementary and high school students and advertising in regional newspapers. The project presents direct benefit to targeted groups of people. It offers modern facility and provides devices for therapeutic activities. Students and the professors will participate  in upcoming workshops and will be able to sigh for an upcoming competition on topic Security – life without the violence. In both cases it is wide general public which will get familiar with the issue of domestic violence through the press and web pages.


Target groups:

1. Abused women and their children, employees and volunteers of the emergency housing facility MAJAK.
2. Potential clients (passive search of potential clients through web pages (subpages), where they (clients) will have comprehensive information about domestic violence and where they can anonymously consult via e-mail or telephone contact) their
3. Public community, students and professors elemental and high school.


Project agreement:


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